Carpet Repair

Carpet repair work in St. Louis

If you need carpet repair, contact the expert team at CarpetMasters Flooring Co. We have experience doing all types of carpet repair work, from fixing flood damage to repairing holes or burns. Our company can address both major and minor problems, helping you restore your carpeting to it's former glory. You don't always have to throw a damaged carpet away. Many times they can be saved and restored. Contact our Chesterfield office to make an appointment to get a free estimate for your repair.

Save your carpet

Is your carpet torn, ripped, or show unsightly seams? Maybe it’s bulging or stretched? Maybe it’s worn in spots? Just because your carpet shows a little damage doesn’t mean you have to scrap the entire room. A simple carpet repair (and some love and care) from CarpetMasters Flooring Co. will have your carpet looking good without costly replacement.

Our technicians

CarpetMasters Flooring Co. technicians handle all types of carpet repair needs. We are on call anywhere in the metro St. Louis area. We specialize in fixing holes and stained areas along with padding and tack strip replacement. Call us to get a quote.

Types of repair

CarpetMasters Flooring Co. can help you with all types of carpet repairs. We can address all of the following:
  • Pet stains and odors
  • Pet bites, causing holes and tears
  • Cat claw holes and loose carpet fibers
  • Cigarette and candle burn holes
  • Rust and permanent stains from liquids such as Kool-Aid, Lipstick, etc.
  • Ruffled carpets, wavy carpets, loose carpets
  • Loose carpeting seams
  • Flood and water damage
  • Carpet snags
  • Bleach stains
  • Carpet ripples
  • Carpet bulges
  • Carpet threshold additions between rooms
  • Carpet matching
  • Melted carpet
  • Carpets detached from tack strips
  • Missing tack strips and rotted tack strips
  • Exposed seams

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