Carpet Cleaning

Exceptional Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

When you call CarpetMasters Flooring Co. for a carpet cleaning, you are served by employees that are committed to
attaining a level of customer satisfaction unparalleled in the industry. We are a full-service carpet cleaning company that has experience doing both residential and commercial work. Our company takes great pride in doing a thorough job,
and our service team is completely professional. Contact us today to get an estimate for our carpet cleaning services,
or to ask us a question.

Our methods

CarpetMasters Flooring Co. utilizes the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. It is the most thorough means of carpet cleaning available while also insuring a gentle procedure. While cleaning, hot water which has been formulated precisely for your carpet is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers. Immediately thereafter our extractor, with its powerful suction removes the soils, allergens and moisture from the carpeting. The result is a freshly rinsed carpet fiber.
View of the professional doing carpet cleaning in Chesterfield, MO

About carpet cleaning...

Learn more about the types of cleaning services we offer:

Spot Dyeing - Our company has the ability to perform complete color restoration. This procedure can be performed on small areas, not the entire carpet, at significantly lower cost than carpet replacement, certain restrictions apply, so call and schedule a free evaluation.

Bleach Spot Specialist - We can remedy bleach stains in carpeting resulting from different types of chemical burns. We remove the blemish, giving the carpet a uniform appearance. In most instances, we can achieve a 100% correction.

Carpet Repairs- Our technicians are professionally trained to execute corrective measures such as carpet stretching, splicing, burn repairs, metal bar replacements, seaming or re-installations.

Stain Removal - When it comes to severe stain removal, our company reigns as the champion of the industry. Why else would other carpet companies call us for support? Whether the source is paint, Kool-Aid, grease, oil, pet, gum, ink or mustard, CarpetMasters Flooring Co. is the answer.

Other services

In addition to the services listed above, CarpetMasters Flooring Co. can provide the following:

Odor Removal - We can help solve many odor concerns such as mold, mildew, smoke, and pet odors. Call us today and schedule a free estimate.
Protectant - Our company is an authorized applicator for the finest protectant available in the marketplace DUPONT Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector. Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector is safe to use around family and pets, helps your carpets stay cleaner, brighter, fresher, and keeps them looking newer longer! DUPONT also offers a one year warranty against most household stains with the application of their product. We highly recommend this application.
Pet Treatments - When pet stains and odors are trapped in your carpet we will remedy the situation using the appropriate method that is based on the condition of your carpet and the degree of saturation found. Call us today!

Call to schedule carpet cleaning or flooring installation at 636-532-1311.

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