Fine Rug Cleaning

Fine Rug Cleaning in St. Louis

CarpetMasters Flooring Co. can handle all types of fine rug cleaning work. We know that rugs are sometimes more than a floor covering, they can also be an investment. Let us help you take care of these precious items and keep them looking their very best. Fine rugs require specialized care, and that is something we know how to do. We have the experience needed to make sure your valuable rugs are treated well, and cleaned properly. You can trust us with your fine rugs. We'll take good care of them.

Wool rugs

Hand-woven wool rugs often have hundreds of hours of labor invested in them — and thousands of YOUR hard earned dollars. Over time, dirt, sand and grime can work their way into the rug, deep down into the fibers. This can damage your run over time, like sandpaper grinding away those fibers. We are able to help you by using our gentle cleaning process to restore its original luster.

Hand-woven area rugs

Our facility specializes in cleaning your hand-woven area rugs. Bring them in or we can pick them up and move any furniture required to take them to our facility for a cleaning. There aren't many carpet cleaners that will work with area rugs, but we believe in doing what the customer needs. Call us for prompt, professional service.

Experience matters

You simply can't trust your precious fine rug to just any company. CarpetMasters Flooring Co. has the years of expertise required to make sure your rug is taken care of every step of the way. We understand that sometimes a rug is more than a decorative item. It can also be an investment. We respect that, and will do everything we can to make it look its best once again.
Wide range of fine rug available in Chesterfield, MO

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